Work Haiku

turn the switch to “on”
then your computer will work
you fucking moron

fatal error looms
you did not clear the fitness
blank screen is your hell
your words are heavy
make my eyelids droop some more
bad movie saves me  

hail, input error!
punch the keys no more you dolt!
seek another job. 

despair not, printer
paper in hopper is jammed
remove and replace 
cassettes are lonely
inside empty souls cry out
cash replenishment

eyelids fluttering
keyboard impression on face
please wipe up my drool

ringing phone causes
instantaneous response
call me pavlov’s dog

freak done got a job
spend that paycheck all at once
in the hole you be 

want to take a nap
it’s so hot in this damn room
listen to me snore 

funeral flowers
CRT is cold and dead
the sound of silence 

AIM phone rings
crazy person screams at you
hit release and smirk 

i have a problem
that problem is you, fucktard
kick you in the head


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