Poetic Injustice

Just so you know, some (most) of my haiku may contain suggestive or insulting language – or both. But you’re a pervert like me, so suck it up and stop pretending to be offended. I’ve removed the poetry I once had posted in this section because most of it was written when I was drunk and depressed, and that’s just fucking boring.

All of this crap (aka mental bowel movements of sheer beauty) is free form (This paragraph really doesn’t apply anymore since I’ve removed the poetry, but I figured I’d leave it in as filler. I do what I want!), so please refrain from telling me I’m doing it wrong or I’ll probably get defensive and hit you with sticks. Or a brick. Whatever’s clunky and handy at the time will do.

You’ll find everything linked below.  Click at your own risk, and consider yourself duly warned, both about the content, and about my penchant for violence. Heh.


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