Suck this, beyotch!

In honor of all things sharp and pointy I have decided that today is Terrifying Tuesday, and the terrifying(ly sexy) subject of the day is… Vampires. Who’s up for a bloddy hickey!

My vampire of the day is John Mitchell (played by Aidan Turner – soooo hot… want to touch the hiney…) from Being Human (the BBC versioin, not the SyFy version, which is a complete rip off of the BBC version becasuse the story lines are exactly the same but I still like it – so shut up).

Kiss me! I'm Irish!

That’s one fine lookin’ blood sucker.  Got a haiku about his pointy parts.

sinking to the ground
life draining from me to you
your lips ate my soul

Ohhh, Mitchell. You a sexah beast.  And you just inspired another haiku.

yo neck is purdy
I gots a stake in my pants
impale you wit wood


6 Responses to Suck this, beyotch!

  1. robinaltman says:

    You’re on fire, Girl! Your haikus rock!

    I’ve been watching Being Human on Sci Fi, but never saw the original, so am blissfully unaware of the ripping off occurring. Except, now I read your blog, so I’m aware. And now I’m mad. Must kill a TV executive…

  2. Holy flurking shnit! I just found out Mitchell is leaving the show! Must hide under blankets and weep now. It’s the adult thing to do.

  3. nursemyra says:

    Good Lord. He’s only 27. I feel like such a paedophile

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