School is for fools! (Not really. But sometimes really.)

Firing people sucks.

Firing people who suck does not suck.

Here’s a really moronic way to get yourself fired.

Him: Hey, I’m gonna be late today. And I might need you to change my schedule.

Me: Ooook… why? (I’m thinking: “Oh, sure thing, guy! I’ll get right on that schedule change! You know, since you need it and all! What schedule would you like to have? Hey! Maybe you could just make your own schedule! How’s that sound, guy!)

Him: I’ve got class til 5pm on Mondays & Wednesdays.

Me: Uhhhh… since when?

Him: Since I signed up for classes 2 days ago.


Me: Let me get this straight. Knowing what your work schedule was, you signed up for a class that conflicts, and you’re telling me that every Monday & Wednesday from now until December you’re going to be 3 hours late to work? And you expect me to work around this because you asked nicely? Even though you never consulted with me or said anything to anyone about taking classes? And you think it’s okay for me to screw up everyone elses’ schedule to make this all work for you? Does that about sum it up?

Him: Yeah. Thanks.

Me: No. Thank you. (snort)

He doesn’t know it, but his last day is tomorrow. I thought I’d write a crappy haiku (or two) about him in honor of his unemployment.

gotta get to class
working for a living is
not my cup of tea

badge don’t work no more
dat bitch fire my stupid ass
unemployed i is

Poetic injustice at its worst best. You’re welcome.


9 Responses to School is for fools! (Not really. But sometimes really.)

  1. robinaltman says:

    Love the haikus! My favorite line – “unemployed i is”. Sort of e.e.cummings-y. Bwahaha!

    What a nincompoop. Unemployed he shall be for a while.

  2. Sure, I’ll change your schedule…permanently!

  3. nursemyra says:

    So he misses out on the fab going away party you were going to throw for him?

  4. kyknoord says:

    Tryin’ to learn stuff
    Boss lady sez I must work
    I hate her big time

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