Forsaken, but not forgotten… Sort of.

Nearly a year on hiatus, and you’d think I would have forgotten the password and secret handshake to get in to Blogtopia. Hah! No such luck.

So, I ended up moving to Georgia with my former job (the one I hated… remember?) back in March. I kind of like Jawja (that’s how we pronounce it down heyah), and it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from home. It’s pretty where I live, and not far from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. Not that I ever go to Atlanta. Or leave the house. Ever. Except to go to work. Stop judging me.

I was kind of stoked to get my old job (the one I hated… remember???) back, but now I remember why I didn’t move when the offer was first made. (If only I’d re-read this blog before I made the move!) The suckage I have to deal with on a daily basis – not to mention the slackassedness of these newest minions – is enough to drive anyone dotty.

Seriously. I don’t understand how some of these people have managed to secure positions within the workforce – much less within the ranks of the general human populace. I’m really good at training & coaching people, but if I have to send out ONE more DUMBED down email (with detailed pictures, no less!) instructing some fucktard how to CORRECTLY do the job they’re supposed to have been doing for a year, I may have to stab someone in the ear. With a straw. Just to get the brain-juices flowing. Would that work?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have a job… I’m just wishing it was a different one. With really hot manwhores and less assratchets. Le sigh.


One Response to Forsaken, but not forgotten… Sort of.

  1. Snort. This was my ONE blog of 2010, and all I did was bitch. I’m soooo awesome!

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