Forsaken Blog

Like many people, I have forsaken my blog for the Evil Empire of Facebook. That said, I’m slowly coming back this way. I miss the anonymity this blog provides. I can’t write about how much my fucking job sucks on FB because of my coworker “friends” (and I use that term loosely). My old job moved to GA so the corporate asshats were kind enough to move me to another department for whatever time is left in this town. I’m good at the job, but HATE it. It’s monotonous, boring, unchallenging, and monotonous, too. And boring. You get it.

My new backstabbers… I mean, coworkers, will talk shit about you behind your back, and then smile and be your BFF when face-to-face. I fucking hate that. Every single one of them thinks they do the most work, but the work is all random. Just shut up and do your fucking job already and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing! Ugh. I had an interview this morning, and if I don’t get the job, I’m thinking of quitting this one, using my 401K to pay off ALL of my bills, and then working as a clerk in a store. Either that or go on some sort of immoral binge. Or quit this job, go on a binge, and then work as a clerk. Must prioritize.

On top of all this, my Flufflebutt passed away on December 8th. She was my constant companion for 18 years. I had to have her put to sleep because she had a tumor. Never showed any symptoms until the day before she died so I had no idea it was there. It just about killed me. However, as fate would have it, another booboo found her way into my life only a week later. She needed rescuing, so I did. I didn’t think I’d be able to let another fuzzball into my life so quickly, but she made it easy. She’s very loving, and has done much to help me heal.

Now, if only the cat could get me a job. Happy Holidays!!


3 Responses to Forsaken Blog

  1. cynical says:

    Still so sad about your Flufflebutt, but I am optimistic about your new fuzzball’s potential for finding you an awesome new job. Also, I hear you on the back-stabbing, self-promoting orkers. Oh, the things I’d say on my blog if I could find the energy. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for dishing here … it does this body good. :o)

  2. robinaltman says:

    I hate backstabbing coworkers. I just want to stab them.

    Sorry about your kitty. I’ve arranged to have a hit man kill me when my dogs die. If they don’t catch him, maybe the kids will get my life insurance. I seriously don’t know if I can take it.

  3. Tracy says:

    Happy New Year, Jamie. Sorry to hear about your kitty. Glad you’re back.

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