New Direction

My job here will be ending in October unless I choose to move to Georgia. I used to love my job. I seriously loved it and looked forward to work every day. But then, my great manager (who knew how to run our department and handle our clients) moved on, and the old codgers (who don’t have a fucking clue what we do on a daily basis) moved in. They’ve played a major part in ruining a perfectly wonderful job, and they’ve made it clear that a woman can’t be a manager in “their” department – even though they rely on me to tell them when to wipe their asses. I guess baby-sitting is all a woman is good for in their testosterone-sodden world. I’ve decided it’s not in my best interest to continue my journey with this fucked up company. I don’t want to end up with a beard and a dick. Well, not as a part of my anatomy, anyway.

So I’m lookikng into new career opportunities, and I’m even contemplating going back to school – yes, even though I’m getting old and hormonally challenged. Here are some jobs I think would be awesome, though I’m sure they’re not easily come by because, really, who would quit them? Food critic. Travel writer. Mystery shopper. Movie reviewer. Restauranteur. Zoo keeper. If you have an in, and if you cherish my happiness as much as I do, give a girl a clue as to how she can obtain one of these awesome occupations without proper training. Although, I have to say, I really do feel like I’m already eminently qualified to be a zoo keeper as I work with wild animals on a daily basis.

As for furthering my education, I have several ideas about that as well. Culinary school. Nutritionist. Computer science. Photography. Teacher. Horticulturist. But which one do I pick? I want them all! I need some direction. Ideally, I’d like to own my own business, but I don’t know what I want that business to be. I’d like to own a restaurant – nothing fancy, just a really great diner. I’m a pretty good cook already, and I have several friends who’re pretty talented as well, but none of us have any extra money, and who wants to take out a loan in this economy? I’d also like to start an internet business selling natural bath products (soaps, shampoos, oils, bath salts, lotions, etc.), but I don’t currently have a dedicated place to make these things. I need an industrial kitchen, a bigger place to live, unlimited supplies, and…

Can I just get a sugar daddy? Or better yet, the winning lottery numbers?

Then again, all this change could be the hormones talking. If so, they need to shut the hell up before I spend money I don’t have.


5 Responses to New Direction

  1. shelley says:

    Where are you now — Florida?

  2. Jay says:

    Glad you’re back!

    As for what to do, just promise me that you’ll pick one of the things you want to do instead of taking the easy way out with another easy to get, yet unsatisfying office job. Um, please?

  3. robinaltman says:

    Good idea to leave. I’m sure you would look silly with a beard and a dick.

    I vote culinary school! That sounds so cool! And when I become rich and famous I’ll back your restaurant as a tax shelter. Just like Bruce Willis! Yeah! Me and Bruce! We’re so similar!

    A healthy restaurant – vegan and gluten free, etc – just opened in our dumb little area, and it’s raking in the bucks. And dude, I live in the sticks with a bunch of sauerkraut eating deer hunters.

  4. Jay: I promise. But then, what will I bitch about?!

    Robin: I would look very silly, indeed! And I love the culinary school idea, but have since found that there are none in this area. Boo.

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