Bite Me!

Suck this!!

Suck this!!

I may need an intervention. I’m completely and totally addicted to Vampire Wars on Facebook. It’s all I’ve done for the past two days. I can’t stop killing and drinking blood and gathering minions. And I hate it when people attack me and win! It’s supposed to be part of the fun, but losing is never fun! I will crush my enemies! But I need more favor points so I can buy stronger minions so I can have more blood to buy more abilities so I can be stronger and beat EVERYONE!

Save me. Or buy me more favor points.

Yeah. Let’s go with favor points. Forget all that talk about saving me.


4 Responses to Bite Me!

  1. Nigel Tomm says:

    I’m Nigel Tomm and I understand you.

  2. Jay says:

    I searched for you on Facebook, but somehow ended up befriending two trannies (1 pre- and 1 post-op) and a locksmith in my neighborhood. So I guess it wasn’t a complete loss.

  3. kyknoord says:

    If you think that’s fun, wait until you see this fantastic new Multi Level Marketing scam scheme we’re introducing…

  4. Nigel Tomm: Thanks… I think.

    Jay: I’d say you hit the jackpot!

    Kyknoord: Sign me up!

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