Pants are for losers!

I’ve had three interviews this week (so far).  This means I’m one of the popular kids, right?  I’m finally in with the in-crowd, yes?  Ok, maybe not, but I’ve still had three interviews, all of them what I would consider very successful, and all in one week, when I’m not even actively gunning for other employment.  So piss off!  I’m the prom queen!

I’m still nervous about starting over, but one of my interviews was within my company and will not be moving.  I could even work virtual.  In my pajamas.  Or naked.  Awesome.  I probably won’t get it just because I’m so excited about the prospect of getting paid a huge sum of money to work sans skivvies.  Having the twins uncovered and out of the boulder-holder would probably make me giggle a lot on conference calls.  I’m mature like that.  It’s good that none of the calls are via video. 

Then again, showing a bit o’ tit could be good for business.


One Response to Pants are for losers!

  1. Pure Evyl says:

    Could be? It would work gangbusters.

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