A Dollop of Daisies

I have been exercising regularly for 3 weeks now, and I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time, both mentally and physically.  However, due to the workout I have been doing for the past two mornings, I am currently unable to bend over due to the fact that my abs are attempting to leave my body in protest.  So keep your fingers crossed that I don’t drop anything important.  Like other body parts. 

Actually, I think my abs finally made good their escape and jumped ship about an hour ago.  I was going to send out a life raft, but unless it’s made of chocolate, I doubt they’d pay it any mind.

As of Sunday, I will have been smoke-free for 3 weeks.  Completely smoke-free.  No cheating this time when I’m hoochin’ it up.  I had some beers and shots this past weekend, and did not have one single ciggie.  NOT ONE.  Which is further proof that I’m a pod-person and the real me is a crumbling pile of dust in some distant poppy field.

Oh!  In all my yammering on about how oogly-moogly wondermous I feel, I nearly forgot the reason for this post.  I actually got flowers today!  I absolutely abhor Valentine’s Day, and I got flowers. 

I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the end of days.  Duck and cover, y’all.


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