Dirty Dancing with Myself

I have to get a post in before the VD infects everyone.  I know they make chocolate, balloons, & flowers for that ailment, but I’m all out of love, so my heart is thorny.  There’s not enough chocolate creme in the world to cure this girl’s horny itch.

There is a swell of lust rising on the wind.  I can smell it.  It’s kinda stinky, but I likes it.  I can feel it.  It feels like jello.  I could taste it, but I won’t because I don’t want to spoil my dinner.  I could ride it, but… well, I’m shy because you’re watching me.  Pervert.  No, don’t leave!  I like it when you watch, but don’t tell anyone.

I really need to get laid.  Or get a new vibrator.  Or some cake. 

Or some sexah haiku!

need some skin on skin
dirty dancin’ with myself
is not as much fun


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