The Hostess with the Mostest

I’ve been playing around with new themes all night, but I think I still like this one best.

Also, I’m not sure that 100 calorie packs were such a great invention.  I guess they would be if I could stop at one, but when the word “hostess” or “cupcake” is on the label, portion control doesn’t enter into the picture.  Bright side?  There are only 6 servings per box.

I still exercised this morning, and I still am well within my points for the day.  And I will be tomorrow, as well because all of the 100 calorie packs are gone (in my belly) now.

Best of all, I’m still cheerfully annoying to my overworked, underpaid minions!  Yay for exercise endorphins!


3 Responses to The Hostess with the Mostest

  1. Crystal says:

    are we, like, the same person? i, too, am struggling with the 100 calorie packs. i have goldfish and double chocolate chunk cookie packs in my desk right now. they are like appetizers. they are just enough to get the taste in my mouth and make me want more. sucks. however, it did make me realize how many goldfish i must’ve eaten when i had access to the whole carton! no wonder my thighs wave like the ocean.

  2. Chris says:

    Those 100 calorie packs are just as satisfying as a thimble full of water on a 100 degree day. I hate zero soup, but I’ll take it any day over those infernal packs.

  3. faux pas says:

    Crystal: Yes! Appetizers! That’s exactly right. Gah!  And, yes, we are the same person… and I think I’m having an identity crisis. 😉

    Chris: I’m with ya on the satisfaction thing.  I haven’t tried all of the zero soups, but there’s got to be one that satisfies.  Then again, I would’ve thought that of the 100 cal packs and I would’ve been completely off.

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