Girl… Behaving?

I did it again this morning.  I actually got my lazy arse out of bed and exercised AGAIN this morning.  I have a feeling the space-time continuum is in complete disarray and I’m sure temporal agents from the future will be contacting me shortly begging me to cease and desist, but they can’t make me!  Screw the temporal prime directive!

I tried a new WW recipe last night – vegetable egg rolls (baked, of course).  They were huge and delicious and there wasn’t even dipping sauce involved!  What?  No slathering of goo on my food?  Say it ain’t so!  They really were yummy.  And only 1 point.  That’s the best part.  I’m thinking maybe WW shouldn’t have listed the points value on that recipe because I ate three for lunch. 

I have a lot of egg roll wrappers left.  I think I’ll try the southwestern egg rolls next.  They’re 2 points a piece, but they have MEAT in them.  Y’all know I loves mah meat. 

I also started a weight loss blog on another site, but work has blocked it!  The nerve!


3 Responses to Girl… Behaving?

  1. shelley says:

    Recipe, please? And great job on the a.m. exercise!

  2. faux pas says:

    Thanks, Shelley! I’ll email you the recipe. 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    um….may i please have the recipe too?

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