Is it weird to fantasize about your own funeral?  Am I narcissistic if every now and then I daydream about my loved ones lamenting over my demise and manwhores flinging their bodies across my coffin in despair? 

When I took psychology in high school (back in the dark ages), we had a student teacher for a couple of months (Miss Jubilee, I think was her name), who, in the process of “teaching” one day, declared that anyone who fantasized about death, especially their own, suffered from abnormal thought processes and needed medication and therapy. 


I have little daydreams about shite like that all the time, and I’m fairly certain it’s the norm.  It’s not suicidal to imagine who’ll be attending your funeral and how your death will affect them.  It’s not weird to wonder if friends long gone will speak fondly of you.  It’s not abnormal to picture yourself floating above it all and smiling benevolently down upon your adoring masses (but maybe a bit egocentric).  None of that should be considered deviant behavior.  In fact, I think it’s healthy! 

Especially the part about the manwhores.  I always feel better after that part, so it must be healthy.


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