What Was I Saying?

Sometimes I really hate being the boss.  I hate it when the minions ask me stupid questions.  They have the same access to all of the knowledge that I have, and still manage to NOT find the answers they seek.  Why?  Because I know all the answers, so when I’m there, I’m the crutch.  I’m the crutch, and they’re all gimpy in the noodle.  That’s the PC description.  I know this because  I have all the answers.

I decided to start dieting again this week, mostly because I feel like an oinker (another PC term), and I feel like I could eat a horse right now.  Or a cow.  Any red meat will do, really.  Anyway, the lack of fried lard in my daily intake of nourishment has left me a bit grumpy.  And a LOT hungry.  That’s probably why the cat is avoiding me.  That fat-arsed feline could feed me for a week.  Seriously.

And now I’ve completely lost my train of thought and cannot for the life of me remember where I was going with this whole post. 

I think I’ll fill the food dish and catch me some dinner.  Sweet & sour Flufflebutt.  I’ll post the recipe later.


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