Club the Seal!

This post was originally going to be about spiders taking over my house (it’s true), but I’m at work right now, so let’s bitch about co-workers for just a bit.

I’m working with Seal. Or at least, she sounds like a baby seal being clubbed when she clears her throat.  I ain’t lyin’.  And it’s been twice (if not thrice) as bad tonight because we had some maintenance going on in here tonight that’s been kicking up some fumes.  Oh ma gah (<–that was my Vinnie Barbarino impression). 

It’s been non-stop since the minute I walked in the door.  She keeps coming up to my desk and saying, “Now if I keel over from inhaling this stuff, you’ll have to rush me to the hospital!”  And I’m thinking, “Hey, maybe you’d be able to breathe better if you’d just shut up.  Shut up, get back to your desk, stop with the status reports on your nose and throat, stop calling my phone (I swear to god, she’s called my extension 15 times already!), stop asking me stupid questions you should already know the answers to, just do your job, AND FUCKING LET ME DO MINE!” 

Ironically, it was her complaints about the air quality that forced the maintenance stuff.  So, if she keels, too fucking bad.

I’m not normally this hateful.  Wait.  Yes, I am.


One Response to Club the Seal!

  1. Tracy says:

    I feel for ya, baby. Do you have a club? Put her out of her misery. Trust me, all will be well.

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